Ostrava Days 12.-31.08.2019

Ostrava Days 2019 (August 12 – 31, 2019) is a working environment with a focus, among others, on compositions for orchestra.

There are two resident orchestras: the 85-piece Ostrava New Orchestra (ONO) and the 35-piece Ostravská banda. Additionally, there are resident ensembles (e.g. Spektral Quartet), Canticum Ostrava choir, and many soloists.

The Ostrava Days Institute is linked with the Ostrava Days Festival, which includes compositions by students and lectors as well as composers like Julius Eastman, Morton Feldman, Peter Graham, Alois Hába, Petr Kotík, Yves Klein, Klaus Lang, Alvin Lucier, György Ligeti, Pauline Oliveros or Iannis Xenakis, among others. OD Institute accepts up to 35 resident-students to ensure one-on-one interactions among all participants. The working language is English. Resident-students will be chosen through a review of no more than three scores and audio samples. Housing will be provided in the centrally located Kampus Palace (new student residence with limited single room availability) in the immediate proximity of the Janáček Conservatory and the Triple Hall Karolina.

Lectors: Petr Bakla, Chaya Czernowin, Meredith Monk, Isabel Mundry, Marc Sabat, Miroslav Srnka, Frederic Rzewski, Klaas de Vries, Christian Wolff and others

Participants: ONO (Ostrava New Orchestra), Ostravská banda, Canticum Ostrava & Jurij Galatenko, Studio Dan, Spektral Quartet, String Noise

Conductors: Bruno Ferrandis (Paris), Rolf Gupta (Oslo), Johannes Kalitzke (Cologne), Petr Kotík (Ostrava/New York), Lilianna Krych (Warsaw), Peter Rundel (Berlin)

For more detailed information please visit www.newmusicostrava.cz or contact us at skalova@newmusicostrava.cz

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